Victoria Knight-McDowell, CEO Pine Brothers, LLC, and former owner-creator Airborne Formula


Pine Brothers 'PR Bounty.'
(aka Mutiny On The Bounty)


Or 'How any publicist can make $250,000+ promoting the return of Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops, America's first commercially-sold throat drop, and a trusted favorite of Americans for over 140 years.'

POPDear Public Relations Professionals:

We here at Pine Brothers recognize what a hard job yours is. The uncertain nature of garnering publicity, can be daunting for the publicist and the client. We've elected to nudge the process slightly, reinventing it if you will. To this end we've created what we affectionately call the "PR Bounty." It's quite simple. We've listed our feature story wish-list for this season, and assigned each media outlet with a respective monetary value. Any publicist, any agency large or small, or any media savvy individual who precipitates a wished-for feature story, will receive the prescribed fee. That's all there is to it.

The fee or "bounty" is paid after the story appears in print or airs on TV. Each bounty is offered on a first come basis. There's no need to vet your pitch thru us, providing it appears on our wish-list, and providing it results in a feature story with a positive spin on our products and our company.* Confirmation is required from each media outlet, acknowledging your role in setting up the story, although in some cases a detailed electronic paper trail chronicling your "pitch" and its positive reception, will suffice.** We endeavor to make this a direct, honest, and fruitful process. And one that adds a fresh incentive and a new and efficient transparency to the PR-client experience.

For our part we believe we have an eminently promotable story. Read about our company at Thanks for your interest and good luck.

Sincerely, Victoria Knight-McDowell, CEO Pine Brothers, LLC, former owner-creator Airborne Formula (that's right, the school teacher!).

*The only exception to this being on-air guest appearances by Ms. Knight-McDowell which are contingent upon her availability, and hence need to be "vetted."
**The subsequent syndication of said Feature story, deliberate or otherwise, or the appearance of a duplicate version, does not warrant a second payment from us; payment is for initial placement/publication only and a second publication or airing of said story, does not qualify for an additional payment.
The offer is scheduled to expire on March 1st 2013, or at Pine Brothers' convenience; pending stories will be honored for 90 days past this date.
Questions? Please feel free to e-mail Sarah at the Pine Brothers offices:
The above information appears on the Pine Brothers website, and at

PR Bounty for Feature Stories on product or company/or featuring
Pine Bros CEO Victoria Knight-McDowell:


1. USA Today: $25,000
2. Assoc Press: $20,000
3. Wall Street Journal: $20,000
4. National Enquirer: $20,000
5. New York Times or Los Angeles Times: $20,000
6. New York Post or New York Daily News: $15,000
7. Top 10 Newspapers (those not mentioned above): $12,500
8. Top 20 Newspapers (those not mentioned above): $7,500
9. Top 25 National Magazines: $15,000
10. Top 15 National Women's Magazines
    (those not mentioned above): $15,000
11. Photo "mentions," as part of larger piece***:
     25% of above rates.
12. On-line or Internet only media "bounties" vary.
     Please inquire on a per story basis.

*** Incorporating a clear photo of Pine Brothers product as part of a larger story on related subject or topic.
Questions about a publication not listed, please e-mail us.
All magazines ranked by Magazine Publishers of America.
Newspaper ranking source: Audit Bureau of Circulations.

1. Katie, Anderson Cooper, The View, Ellen, Rachel Ray, Jeff Probst, Live w/ Kelly and Michael S., The Chew, The Talk, Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Arsenio Hall, Ricki Lake Show. $25,000
2. Network Morning Shows (Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, Fox & Friends,): $20,000
3. Network news feature story: $20,000
4. CNN, CNBC or other major cable news, business or entertainment program: $10,000
5. Product visual & mention as part of larger piece/segment: 25% of above rates. Product must be clearly displayed and referred to by name.

Questions about a TV program not listed, please e-mail us.

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